Sound of Edelweiss presents : 

BRANDNEW !Are you looking for a musical memory to take home ? This may be all you ever need!

A hit parade of historic music from the Middleages to the well known classics of  Operetta and Broadway –

View Salzburg and it´s history through the miraculous mirror of music and let yourself be carried away on the wings of song –

Travel way back into the times and sounds when the city was founded on roman ruins and the archbishops´rule commenced -  follow us  through the bright and solemn Renaissance halls of song – the bells of the „Prince Duke Archbishops´  Residence Bell Tower“ lead you on into the enlightened age of the famous „Genius“ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  as the famous characters of his operas become alive –

„Yodel along“ to Original Salzburg Folk Music  and taste the sweet sound of „Salzburger Nockerln“ ! Join us to frolick on „the hills that are alive“ , give company to lonely goatherds and pick your own musical bouquet of fragrant.  **** EDELWEISS !


Beware – this show might entertain you more than you thought ! WATCH OUT !Occasionally our artists are in need of  one or the other extra on stage –  Join up for a yodelling competition or act out the part of your dreams !

Take home an unforgettable memory of your stay in the

City of MUSIC – Salzburg and Salzburger Land!

Feel the inspiration ?We shall be pleased to shape a detailed offer according to your personal demands for your event! Feel free to contact us !